32 Lessons from 32 Years

Earlier this week I turned 32, and so this week I thought I would share 32 lessons in 32 years.

1.     Trust your instinct

2.     If the shoes don’t fit in the shop, they will not fit when you get home

3.     Not everyone will understand you

4.     You are allowed to rest (you will be able to start up again)

5.     You can’t control how people take you

6.     You can’t read minds

7.     Clothes are not an investment

8.     Music heals

9.     Juice is not a meal

10.  Take a jacket

11.  You will feel better after you exercise

12.  Trust professionals

13.  Talking about someone behind their back is not good for anyone

14.  Put your phone down when you’re eating

15.  Ask questions

16.  Say no

17.  Say yes

18.  Take a jacket

19.  Wear sunscreen

20.  Save your money

21.  Spend your money

22.  People are human

23.  Your digital footprint is forever

24.  No one is paying as much attention as you think they are

25.  Treat yourself as you would your best friend

26.  Learn when to push yourself and when to stop

27.  No one will give a shit about what you want to do as much as you will

28.  Very few things are actually urgent

29.  Olive bread and apricot jam do not go together

30.  It’s okay to make mistakes

31.  Pick up a book instead of picking up your phone

32.  We put out energy, be aware of it

Please share your lesson in the comments.

Natasha x